Smart Grids and Smart Meters – Networks Say: We Now Have The Way Forward

2 December 2009

Smart Grids and Smart Meters – Networks Say: We Now Have The Way Forward

The UK’s energy networks welcomes the Government announcement of its Smart Grid Vision for the UK. Through its Energy Network Futures Group, ENA has played a full role in helping shape the Vision. ENA fully backs the Vision’s view of how Smart Grids could help deliver not just the UK’s 2020 low carbon targets, but the country’s low carbon ambitions for 2050.

David Smith, Chief Executive of ENA, said: “It will be the networks’ role to build and operate the smart grids of the future. The announcement provides much needed clarity on the forward direction for smart grids and helps establish the UK’s ambition to be a global leader in this area.

“The Government is right when it says that networks will have to be both larger and smarter in the future. ENA and its members have been heavily involved in the defining the Smart Grid Vision and are ready to make the vision of a more secure and sustainable energy supplies a reality.

Commenting on the Government’s announcement on smart meters also made today,  David Smith said: “Smart meters are a crucial part of the UK being able to delivery the low carbon energy agenda. Without smart meters, you cannot develop the smart grids of the future.

“The smart meter rollout will be one of the biggest energy projects ever seen in the UK, presenting huge resource and communication challenges. We welcome the announcement that the network companies will be involved in the smart meter implementation plan. The networks will take on whatever role is needed to support the successful roll-out of smart meters.”