Energy Networks Key To Making Low Carbon Future Real

15 July 2009

Energy Networks Key To Making Low Carbon Future Real

Energy Networks Association (ENA) has responded to the announcement today of the Government’s Carbon Transition Plan.   David Smith, Chief Executive of ENA, said: "The announcements today makes it clear just how ambitious a challenge has been set to the energy industry to meet the Government’s vision of a low carbon future and the UK share of EU Renewable Energy Directive targets.

"The energy networks are obviously at the heart of delivery of the Government’s future plans. The UK’s energy transmission and distribution infrastructure is going to be essential in making the sustainable, low carbon vision happen. You cannot achieve it without networks and the networks are ready and willing to deliver.

"There is no denying the impact of changes outlined are huge. Today’s announcements are a step towards the clarity and certainty needed from Government to allow companies to make the investment needed.

"However, just as they have made commitment towards ensuring an infrastructure planning framework that allows networks to deliver what is needed, they now face the task of ensuring that they create the right frameworks for delivery across other areas. From smart meters to support for CCS, the Government must work with the networks to make their vision of energy security and sustainability a reality.”