Fulcrum joins ENA as iGT member

20 May 2008

Fulcrum joins ENA as iGT member

Following a decision to extend membership of the Energy Networks Association (ENA) to both independent gas transporters and independent electricity distribution network operators, ENA is pleased to announce that they have secured their first such member.

Fulcrum joins the wealth of existing members, who include all of the Gas Distribution Networks, National Grid Gas Transmission and the Electricity Distribution and Transmission companies.

Angela Love, Director of Gas at ENA said of the development: “ Following discussion with Fulcrum Connections they were able to appreciate the value and benefits of being members of ENA. I am delighted to welcome Fulcrum as the first iGT member of ENA.

There are clearly many ways in which Fulcrum and the GDNs can work together for operational, safety and consumer benefit. At the same time ENA’s experience, organisation and services will support Fulcrum with market, regulatory and legislative development emanating from both the UK and Europe.”