2008 SAFELEC Figures

21 July 2008

Key Industry Figures Comment on Latest SAFELEC 2010 Safety Figures

Following today’s release of the seventh annual SAFELEC 2010 Progress Report which charts the progress the electrical sector is making on managing health and safety, key industry figures have commented on the report.

Peter McCormick, Chair of ENA’s Safety Health and Environment Committee and Company-side Chair of the National HESAC which produced the SAFELEC report said: “2007 was not a good year for health and safety within the electricity networks sector. Tragically there were a number of fatalities to employees of ENA member companies. We will be commissioning independent research to examine the ‘safety culture’ within our sector to better understand why this should happen in spite of the best efforts and resources we as a sector put into managing safety.”

Mike Clancy, Assistant General Secretary of Prospect and Joint Secretary, Trade Union-side of National HESAC said: “The SAFELEC results for 2007 reflect the challenge of transforming intent and commitment into outcomes. The agenda set by the National HESAC workshop held earlier this year we have an industry wide consensus emerging on actions which can hopefully improves performance against the SAFELEC objectives in the next three years and help identify what we need to do next.”

Nick Summers, Head of Utilities Section at the Health and Safety Executive said: “The seventh year of the SAFELEC 2010 programme has not delivered the outcomes any of us would have hoped for. In light of this, the step being taken by ENA member companies to commission research into safety cultures in the networks is a welcome one.”

Peter McCormick added:”We are now approaching the end of the SAFELEC 2010 initiative and, as an industry; we are starting to look beyond 2010 to identify the challenges and priorities for the next decade. We will, of course, be working in partnership with the HSE and the Trade Unions to achieve this goal.”