What Lies Beneath? Utility Street Works Seminar 2008

15 January 2008

What Lies Beneath? Utility Street Works Seminar 2008

Above ground, our streets carry people, goods and vehicles from place to place. Below the surface are the arteries of the utility services. The ENA/SBGI Utility Streetworks Seminar 2008 looks at the difficulty of maintaining everything underground while avoiding congestion up top.

Bringing together the gas, electricity, water and telecoms companies, along with contractors from Highways and Local Authorities, Government, trade bodies and other stakeholders, this is 2008's top event for sharing information and ideas to improve performance in all aspects of street works.

The Utility Streetworks Seminar 2008 takes place on Thursday 31st January 2008 at the Royal College of Physicians, London NW1 4LE.

Speakers include Richard Buckley (Department for Transport), Nick Morris (Transport for London) and Mark Hobel (Ordnance Survey), with an international perspective provided by Keyspan Energy USA.

The Utility Streetworks Seminar 2008 is a must for anyone involved in making street works more efficient, safer, and less disruptive. To book, contact Vanessa Webster on 01926 463 948 or [email protected].

More information at: http://www.sbgi.org.uk/events/utilitystreetworks08