Queen’s Speech Puts Energy at Heart of Policy Agenda

6 November 2007

Queen’s Speech Puts Energy at Heart of Policy Agenda

ENA welcomed today’s Queen’s Speech which announced the coming year’s legislative programme would contain three bills vital to securing the future development of the energy industry within the UK.

David Smith, acting chief executive of ENA said ‘We are delighted that the Government have announced the legislative programme will include the Planning Reform Bill, Energy Bill and Climate Change Bill.

"Together these Bills address the two issues at the core of energy policy – climate change and securing a safe future for Britain’s energy supply.

"The transmission and distribution sector needs the Planning Reform Bill to implement the reforms necessary to meet the Government’s aspirations contained within both the Climate Change and Energy Bills.

"Planning reform is fundamental. Those that believe the transmission and distribution sector can help deliver energy security and a lower carbon economy without all of these bills are wrong."