Electricity Industry Safety Figures 2007

26 June 2007

Electricity Industry Safety Figures 2007

Safety figures for those working in the electricity industry took a disappointing dip in last year according to figures just published. But action is under way to get back on track to meet the tough targets the industry has set itself.

The news comes in the sixth progress report 'Safelec 2010', published by the safety, health and environment group of the Energy Networks Association.

The report charts progress by the electricity industry in meeting the government's targets for improving health and safety as set out in their Revitalising Health and Safety and Securing Health Together Initiatives.

The targets include reducing the number of working days lost through work related injury and ill-health; reducing incidence of fatal and major industry accidents; and reducing the incidence rates of work-related ill-health.

The electricity industry agreed a range of industry-wide collective targets related to specific issues, with ENA member companies and trade unions working together on SAFELEC 2010, a ten year programme.

They have issued a joint statement of intent saying:

"We remain firmly committed to meeting the targets agreed under SAFELEC 2010 and implementing where appropriate agreed initiatives to achieve this at all levels of the industry.

"ENA company managers and trade union safety representatives commit to challenging any unsafe acts they witness and reporting any unsafe conditions they encounter.

"Both sides will work to improve communications regarding health and safety issues and the achievement of SAFELEC 2010 related initiatives and progress toward objectives will be kept under regular review via company-level safety, health and welfare joint committees.

"We will discuss and agree to implement measures to improve health, safety and environment performance within the industry. Best practise will be shared across the industry through national HESAC. Where appropriate ENA companies and trade unions will submit joint industry responses to HSC/HSE/DTI consultations.

"Trade unions will actively participate in the industry's annual SHE conference and company-level committees and initiatives. ENA companies will continue to actively support dialogue regarding the SAFELEC 2010 programme and safety issues generally through the provision of time and facilities for safety representatives to carry out their duties.

"And ENA companies and trade unions will discuss and agree specific issues to target as priorities on an annual basis. These will be monitored and feedback provided through national HESAC."


Note for editors:

More details, figures and attributable quotes can be found at www.energynetworks.org under SAFELEC 2020.