Energy Networks Association comment: Road to Zero Strategy

Responding to today’s publication of the Government’s Road to Zero Strategy, David Smith, Chief Executive of Energy Networks Association and a member of the Government’s Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce, says:

“Britain’s network operators warmly welcome the Strategy and its recognition of the importance of energy networks in delivering it. Low carbon transportation is not only good for the environment – it will enable energy networks to be run in a smarter way, creating a whole range of new and exciting opportunities for homes and businesses to benefit from that.

“Under the regulatory system, network operators have been pioneering a wide range of different low carbon transportation projects. They are ready to connect the charging points and refuelling stations that will give consumers and businesses a choice of different options for their transport. It is important that networks have visibility of where and when new infrastructure is needed, so they can use the latest technology available and access the data needed to do that. That’s vital to join the whole system up, use the existing grid more effectively and keep costs down for our customers to deliver a smarter, cleaner and more efficient energy system.”

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