UK’s energy networks take an important step in developing gas innovation strategy with launch of consultation

Energy industry stakeholders will have the opportunity to play a vital role in shaping the future of energy innovation in the UK, with the launch of a consultation on Energy Networks Association’s draft Gas Network Innovation Strategy today.
The Gas Network Innovation Strategy sets out the challenges and the opportunities facing the gas transmission and distribution networks as the UK looks to decarbonise its energy system to meet climate change targets. The Strategy sets out the role that our existing gas infrastructure can play in meeting demand for power, heat and transport in a low carbon economy. It seeks views from technology providers on how they would like to see gas network companies play a role in delivering greater energy innovation in the future.
Stakeholder consultation around the Strategy forms a crucial part in its development. Gas network companies are seeking feedback on the content, structure and style of the Strategy and will discuss the draft at ENA’s Low Carbon Networks and Innovation conference in December.
David Smith, CEO of ENA, comments:
"Continued innovation across our electricity and gas networks is vital to building on the success already seen in this part of our energy sector. These strategies are not only about encouraging network companies to bring forward innovative projects and embed a culture of innovation within their organisations but also about giving stakeholders the chance to help shape that process.”
The UK’s gas networks are playing an important role in the UK’s climate change agenda by supporting decarbonisation by balancing the intermittency of increasing penetration of renewable generation on the electricity network. In recent years gas network companies, supported by the RIIO price control framework, have been responsible of introducing a range of innovation projects that have potential to decarbonise our heat supply whilst providing new ways of reducing the cost of supplying gas to customers.
As part of the consultation, a joint breakout session with the electricity networks will be held at ENA’s Low Carbon Networks and Innovation conference in December. This will give stakeholders the opportunity to learn more about draft Gas and Electricity Network Innovation Strategies as well as provide an opportunity to share their views and question innovation leads on the panel.
Notes to Editors
• The gas networks already use innovation to improve their business processes, use of technology and the security of supply, resulting in significant benefits to customers, demonstrating environmental benefits, cost reductions and security of supply.
• The deadline for responses to the consultation is 17:00 on 22 December 2017. • Feedback will feed into the draft Gas Network Innovation Strategy document.
• The Gas Network Innovation Strategy will also be presented alongside the Electricity Innovation Strategy at ENA’s Low Carbon Networks conference in Telford on 6 and 7 December. For further information and to register for LCNI please visit the website here. Sessions will be held:
o 6 December 11.35 – 12.00: Industry Strategies
o 7 December 13.50 – 15.10 Innovation strategy Consultations
• Full details of the Gas Network Innovation Strategy are available here.
• Responses can be submitted via email to [email protected] by 17:00 on 22 December 2017. Responses can also be submitted via the link here.
• In August 2017 ENA announced plans for two joint network innovation strategies – a Gas Network Innovation Strategy and an Electricity Network Innovation Strategy. Each strategy will set out how network companies provide value for money from innovation projects they are undertaking, how they will share the lessons learnt from those projects with other organisations and how they plan to integrate those lessons into their day to day operations.
• ENA’s second industry stakeholder consultation for the electricity innovation strategy opens on 17th November 2017, and will look at how to solve the challenges and gaps identified using innovation projects.
• As part of the phase 2 of the electricity innovation strategy consultation, two free workshops are being held in:
o Glasgow – 21st November 2017 10 am – 3.30 pm
o London – 23rd November 2017 10 am – 3.30 pm
• Full details of the Electricity Network Innovation Strategy are available here.