A Smart Flexible Energy System: Energy Networks Association Response to BEIS/Ofgem Call for Evidence

For Immediate Release: 12/01/2017
In its response to the BEIS/Ofgem Call for Evidence on a Smart Flexible Energy System, Energy Networks Association (ENA) has set out a new project to explore how the changing roles and responsibilities of network companies can deliver the greatest benefit to energy customers.
The response from the networks puts the customer at the heart of future developments and sets out a number of key principles to ensure that customers benefit from a smart, flexible energy system.
The transition to a smart, flexible energy system will be a crucial development, with network operators taking on more system operator functions to actively manage the network and deliver reliability and value for customers.
ENA’s response highlights the importance of greater co-ordination between network operators during this transition, with system operators at the transmission and distribution level working closely together to improve processes, planning and efficiency across the system.
In recognition of the need for a collaborative, whole system approach, ENA has launched a new TSO-DSO project to explore some of the detailed challenges around evolving roles and responsibilities in the short, medium and long term. This project will co-ordinate the development of processes, roles and responsibilities to ensure that the best models can be identified and implemented across the GB networks. This work will involve key stakeholders and build on the work already being undertaken by ENA to address the emerging challenges of rapidly increasing Distributed Energy Resources (DER).
ENA Chief Executive David Smith said, “The transformation in our energy system is well underway and network companies have already demonstrated their ability to adapt to these changes to meet the needs of customers.
Our consultation response, and the TSO-DSO project, will explore challenging and detailed questions facing the sector and set out how we think customers can get the most benefit from of a smart, flexible energy system in the years ahead.”
In addition, ENA’s consultation response sets out common principles from the networks on:
  • The role that storage can play in a flexible energy system, and how network operators can utilise flexibility more generally depending on market environments to the benefit of customers.
  • The need to develop use of system and connection charging arrangements to meet the needs of a smart, flexible energy system.
  • The need to adapt to reflect changes to the natural diversity of customer behaviour.
  • The importance of regulatory certainty for investors and the need for a fair and consistent regulatory framework for all forms of flexibility providers.
Notes for Editors
  • ENA is the voice of the networks representing the ‘wires and pipes’ transmission and distribution network operators for gas and electricity in the UK and Ireland.
  • A copy of ENA’s consultation response is available here.
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