Make election about more than just energy tariffs, UK’s electricity and gas grid operators urge

For Immediate Release: 28/04/2017

  • UK’s electricity and gas grid operators serving 30 million customers call for greater focus on energy infrastructure, technology and skills in election debate
  • Energy Networks Association (ENA) publishes five-point plan setting out priorities for next Government
  • CEO calls for recognition of importance of energy infrastructure as UK economy looks towards post-EU future – to consumers and businesses.

The UK’s electricity and gas networks have today called for a greater focus from politicians on energy infrastructure, ahead of the UK going to the polls on the 8th June.

Representing the firms responsible for serving 30 million customers, Energy Networks Association (ENA) Chief Executive David Smith said:

“The election debate can and should be more than just about energy tariffs. That is an important, short-term issue but addressing consumer needs is also about recognising the vital role of our energy in underpinning economic growth and providing the platform for businesses to create jobs across all regions. We need our politicians to focus on how we are going to do that as we head into a new economic era.”

ENA has published its manifesto for the forthcoming General Election. ‘The Agenda for Energy Networks 2017’ sets out the major economic contribution that the UK’s energy networks already make and the five key priorities for the next Government that will ensure that role will continue into the future.

David Smith continues:

“Our energy networks are about safely delivering gas and electricity but also about performance, value for money and investment. They are a UK success story and widely acknowledged as such around the globe. Our manifesto is about how we build on our strong record as we head into a new economic era to deliver high levels of service and value for money to customers.”

The manifesto calls for the next Government to:

1) Put energy networks at the heart of a modern industrial strategy

2) Deliver a smart, flexible system, that will help ensure secure and affordable energy for our economy

3) Create a low-carbon heat and transport policy that utilises the UK’s world leading gas network

4) Deliver greater support for new innovative energy technologies

5) Create a skills strategy that will create jobs and deliver the energy system of the future

David Smith adds:

“Whatever the outcome of the upcoming election, the new Government will preside over an incredibly important period of transition for the networks and the wider energy industry. We are setting out where we want to work with policy makers to help deliver the full potential of a smart energy future.”


Notes to editors

  • The Agenda for Energy Networks 2017 is available here
  • The Energy Networks Association (ENA) represents the companies that operate and maintain the gas and electricity grid network in the UK and Ireland. Serving over 30 million customers, they are responsible for the transmission and distribution network of “wires and pipes” that keep our lights on, our homes warm and our businesses running.
  • By 2020, the UK’s energy networks will have attracted some £80 billion of investment since 1990, helping deliver one of the most reliable energy networks in the world and with some of the lowest network costs in Europe.
  • The cost paid by customers for this high level of performance has fallen by 17% since privatisation and is projected to remain flat into the next decade.
  • UK energy networks are amongst the most reliable in the world and are recognised for their leading performance that meets the needs of all consumers, whether they be domestic and business.
  • There has been a reduction in power cuts of 30% since 2002 and the reliability of the transmission networks and gas distribution network is over 99.9%. Last year power cut occurrence fell by 9%, with a reduction of over 50% over the last fifteen year period.
  • Regular satisfaction surveys conducted by Ofgem with a range of customers show consistent satisfaction of more than 80% in the services provided by network companies, putting networks above any energy supply company and amongst the very best performers in the UK Customer Satisfaction Index.
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