ENA Launches Consultation on New Connections Milestones

1 April 2016

Energy Networks Association (ENA) has launched a consultation on measures designed to make more efficient use of existing capacity on the electricity network.

In some areas of the distribution network, where there is limited capacity, Distribution Network Operators are required to manage a queue of customers who are requesting a connection to the network. Through ENA, DNOs are working to ensure that network capacity is used as efficiently as possible to facilitate a rapid increase in connection requests in recent years.

The consultation sets out principles on which DNOs could withdraw a connection offer from a customer if their development is not progressing to meet certain ‘milestones’. This capacity could then be reallocated to other customers who are waiting to connect to the network. The proposals would allow DNOs to manage the queue of connecting customers in a more efficient way. They are designed to address a problem identified by the Distributed Generation (DG) community where some developers are holding up network capacity with projects that are not progressing, and may never progress.

ENA has developed the principles and milestones with DG customers, and the consultation will provide a further opportunity for stakeholders at all levels to contribute to the detail of these proposals.

ENA Chief Executive David Smith said, “The growth in renewable generation connecting to the distribution network has surpassed all expectations in recent years, and network operators are working hard with customers to facilitate this increased demand. The principles set out in this consultation form part of this effort.

By responding to the consultation stakeholders can help ensure that these proposals meet the interests of DG customers and deliver quicker, more efficient connections.”


Notes for Editors

Full details of the Queue Management Milestones consultation are available here.

Responses should be submitted to [email protected] by 17:00 on 13 May 2016.

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