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Party Conferences 2015 - Lib Dems hope the road to recovery starts in Bournemouth

After a bruising election defeat for the Liberal Democrats, their conference in Bournemouth risked being a particularly quiet event. And for business it was. The #LibDemFightback won't be delivered by lobbyists and this was a conference for the Party's members, volunteers and campaigners.

European Utility Week Conference 2014

This week Europe’s energy industry gathered in Amsterdam for the European Utility Week Conference 2014.

European Gas Regulatory Forum - Madrid

The opening of the 25th Meeting of the European Gas Regulatory Forum here in Madrid was today (6 May 2014) disrupted by a large group of employees of the Comision Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC) (the Forum’s venue) protesting at having not being paid for a number of months and accusing the President of the CNMC of cronyism.

Eco Design regulations for transformers

Proposals currently being discussed in the EU around the regulations governing some networks equipment may pose significant manufacturing challenges for UK assets. Although the definitive version of the proposals is yet to be made available we understand the current wording is being discussed at EU ‘Cabinet’ level.

Smart EU regulation to end gold-plating

New Energy Minister Michael Fallon delivered a speech to Open Europe, a think tank that seeks political and economic reform in the EU, on the same day as announcing a new plan to challenge the gold-plating of EU legislation in the UK.

Flame 2013: A coherent EU energy policy is necessary for fully integrated market

Day 1 of the Flame 2013 Conference in Amsterdam.

Would DC kill off our DC?

This week saw Europe take centre stage and the much anticipated and hyped up speech from Prime Minister David Cameron (the first DC). At the same time we, as ENA, went to Brussels to address MEPs and policy makers on the importance of the role of the distribution networks in delivering Europe’s energy ambitions.

The twelve issues this Christmas

As ever this year has been an eventful one for energy. As we look back over the past few Christmases we see how it has gone up the agenda and exploded into the public’s consciousness. For ENA that has meant ensuring that the vital role that networks play is not lost in the great debate. That has always been our role.

Why 2014? Why not 2015? Or 2016?

What is Brussels’ obsession with the 2014 timeline? Some time ago EU Heads of State agreed that the completion of the internal energy market in Europe would be ‘by 2014’. What is Brussels’ obsession with the 2014 timeline?

European Commission’s Internal Energy Market Review

ENA understands that the Energy Directorate within the European Commission is making good progress with its review of Europe’s internal energy market. It is expected to publish its findings on 17 October, and they should make for interesting reading.