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Through this Blog we are looking to share some of the policy areas being debated and encourage you to be part of the discussions.

By representing both the electricity and gas networks we are withough prejudice to the type of energy. Our members serve one purpose - to keep our lights on, our homes warm and delivering this vital service to the businesses and industries of our economies in the most safe, reliable and affordable way.

Please check back here regularly for updates, tweet about it - you can follow and reference us as @EnergyNetworks - and most importantly, engage in the debate.

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Scotland to legislate against metal theft

Firm resistance to metal theft will continue over the next 12 months as the Scottish Parliament has set out plans to legislate against thieves and dodgy scrap metal dealers as part of its programme for the next Parliament.

Heat Inquiry: Energy efficiency and flexibility

Until recently, heat has been the policy elephant in the room and the focus on decarbonising electricity generation seemed to be the assumed trajectory for all energy, both its source and the type of demand. Thankfully, there is now a more diverse discussion taking place and it recognises more of the implications and consequences of the policy decisions we take.

It’s energy security stupid and the answer - smarter networks and a strong role for gas!

This week talking to Lord Jenkin at the launch of Smarter Networks Portal, the first of its kind, illustrated in stark relief the new solutions a smarter network offers to solve the problems that Patrick Jenkin had to grapple with all those years ago. Let us not underestimate its impact - it brought down a government back then.

Death of the Rt Hon The Lord Fraser of Carmyllie QC

ENA was very sorry to hear of the untimely death of the Rt Hon Lord Peter Fraser of Carmyllie QC, at the age of 68 on 23 June 2013.

Lobbying success on SF6

Last week, the Committee voted through a compromise amendment that focused on the need for an independent review of alternative technologies.

Electricity Distribution plans submitted to Ofgem

RIIO has been used for the gas distribution and electricity transmission network price controls. For the DNOs, part of their planning, looking at innovation potential, has been part of their work for the Low Carbon Network Fund and is a critical part of developing the smarter networks that will help to meet the challenges of our energy future.

Eco Design regulations for transformers

Proposals currently being discussed in the EU around the regulations governing some networks equipment may pose significant manufacturing challenges for UK assets. Although the definitive version of the proposals is yet to be made available we understand the current wording is being discussed at EU ‘Cabinet’ level.

The scale of community benefit

How should communities who accept major infrastructure be offered to benefit?

DECC join industry to focus on the future of the gas networks

ENA along with the Gas Distribution Networks and National Grid participated in the meeting with senior DECC officials. Also present were key players in the area of gas policy. There were presentations from David Wagstaff, Head of Heat Strategy at DECC and from Marcus Stewart form National Grid, who chairs the ENA Gas Futures Group.

Smarter Network Portal Launch

The Smarter Networks Portal was launched this week to an anticipating audience waiting to get a glimpse of the future of the energy networks. People joined together to experience initial outcomes of the Low Carbon Networks Fund

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