Modernising Energy Networks Data


The traditional energy system is undergoing a major transition to a smarter digital energy system, which is dominated by decarbonised, decentralised and digitalised resources. As this shift occurs, the challenges and opportunities associated with data across the electricity and gas networks are becoming more prevalent. Taking a whole energy systems approach to data and digitalisation is critical to ensuring an optimised energy system that works for everyone. ENA Gas and Electricity Members have come together to form a new Data Working Group (DWG) to collaboratively address data issues, access new datasets and identify opportunities to derive value from existing datasets.

Network investment in modernising energy data is essential for continued decarbonisation of our energy system and delivery of Net-Zero. ENA wants to work with Ofgem, BEIS, InnovateUK and industry stakeholders to progress the recommendations of the Energy Data Taskforce (EDTF) and deliver modern, digitalised Energy Networks for customers.


Energy Networks Digitalisation Strategies

All ENA Members are working to produce individual Digitalisation Strategies, which describe how they plan to transition towards smarter networks. These Strategies are transparent and accessible, giving clarity to users about the data services that are available today and those that will be available in future. You can find these Strategies on the individual Networks' websites, or consolidated on Ofgem's website here


Modernising Energy Networks Data Stakeholder Events

In response to Ofgem’s call for a collaborative industry event to be held Spring 2020, the ENA Data Working Group had arranged to hold the first stakeholder event in mid-March 2020. In light of the cancellation of our Modernising Energy Networks Data on Friday 13th March, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we will be producing videos and hosting webinars to demonstrate the trials that we have undertaken for Recommendation 5 of the Energy Data Taskforce on the Digital Systems Map. You will learn how we have mapped various network data sets on a single map, and how this could be extended across the country and across other data sets going forward. You will also have the chance to ask questions to the ENA Data Working Group representatives. 

We will reschedule the full stakeholder event, including dissemination of the Network Digitalisation Strategies and ENA data related work at a later date. It is intended that there will be a series of events around the country, to ensure continued engagement with industry. 

Please watch this page for more details.

Please see the following video demonstrating the trials we have undertaken for a Digital Systems Map: