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The Gas Goes Green programme 2023 work roadmap

28 April 2023

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Our Director of Gas, James Earl, outlines the details of our Gas Goes Green programme of work for the remainder of 2023

We are excited to share details of our Gas Goes Green programme of work for the rest of 2023.

Our work will be focused on responding to a rapidly developing policy landscape and building the necessary evidence to support decision-making.

Hydrogen blending

We are continuing our work on blending, ensuring government is fully equipped for its distribution-level hydrogen blending policy decision later this year and the gas networks are ready for implementation.

Functional specification

We have developed the functional specification for hydrogen injection-to-grid blending facilities. This is a key piece of work that will form the basis of designing the real future blending projects that intend to connect to the grid. It informs the key components and control required at injection sites to enable blending while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Market frameworks

Over summer we’ll be working with stakeholders to assess market frameworks and the changes required to enable hydrogen blending. We’ll be focusing on five pillars: Primary Legislation, Regulations, License, Code (UNC), and Agreements. We’re also developing connections and capacity options, exploring how networks could allocate blending capacity and manage interactions between injection facilities. We’ll be engaging with stakeholders in summer to test our thinking.

The future of the gas network

We are continuing our work to assess how the gas network could evolve in the future to deliver Net Zero, supporting key policy decisions around the role of gas.

A hydrogen vision for the UK

Published last week, our report ‘A Hydrogen Vision for the UK’ sets out a vision for how hydrogen can play its full role in supporting the decarbonisation of the UK’s energy system.

Impacts of reducing natural gas demand

We will be assessing the impacts of declining natural gas use on the network and on consumers, as well as working with our stakeholders looking at this same issue.

Biomethane and hydrogen interactions

We will be exploring the role that biomethane plays alongside hydrogen in the energy system of the future. In particular, we’d like to understand the challenges and opportunities for biomethane production in areas where there will be a 100% conversion to hydrogen.

Communications and stakeholder engagement

We look forward to communicating our work to a wide variety of stakeholders and listening to your feedback.

International Hydrogen Commitment Comparison

Illustrating to our stakeholders how the progress we are making in the UK compares to others around the world.

Green gas scorecard

Updating the existing Green Gas Scorecard to reflect the increasing number of biomethane sites we are seeing connecting to the gas network.

Review groups and Insights Forums

We will be continuing with our bi-annual meetings with stakeholders from across the industry to discuss Gas Goes Green projects.

If you’d like to hear more about our programme, sign up to our Insights Forum, or watch the recording of the last insights forum.

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