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National terms of connection

The electricity you receive from your electricity supplier is delivered using the distribution system owned or operated by your electricity network operator.

National Terms of Connection (NTOC) is a connection agreement which governs this process.

Your electricity supplier has been appointed as the agent of your electricity network operator to obtain a connection agreement with you on the national terms of connection. This means that, when you enter into your electricity supply contract with your supplier, you are also entering into a connection agreement with your electricity network operator on these terms.

Supply characteristics

As required by law, the electricity delivered to your premises through our distribution system will normally be at one of the voltages set out below and will have the technical characteristics stated there:

  • At 230 volts nominal: normally a single-phase supply, with a permitted range of voltage variation from plus 10% to minus 6%.
  • At 400 volts nominal: normally a three-phase supply, with a permitted range of voltage variation from plus 10% to minus 6%.
  • At either of the above voltages: the supply frequency will be 50 hertz, with a permitted nominal variation of plus or minus 1%.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a network operator?

    A network operator is a company that transports electricity from generating stations to your property, on behalf of your electricity supplier.

  • Who is my network operator?

    You can use the postcode finder to find your local network operator. Note that independent or private network operators also operate networks throughout the country. Your electricity supplier should be able to advise you further.

  • What are the National Terms of Connection?

    Unless otherwise agreed, the National Terms of Connection form an agreement between yourself and the operator of the distribution system through which electricity is conveyed to your premises.

  • How do the National Terms of Connection affect me?

    Unless otherwise agreed, both you and your network operator are legally bound by the National Terms of Connection.

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