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Take part in our green recovery call for evidence

Britain’s energy networks are working with Ofgem to unlock around £300m to support a green economic recovery from Covid-19. If you have a 'shovel-ready' project that could be unlocked by network investment, take part in our call for evidence.

Glasgow, Scotland
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The call for evidence closes in:

The timeline so far...

Step 1

At the request of the UK Government and Ofgem, energy network operators identified places where a lack of local network capacity is restricting development, including the adoption of Low Carbon Technologies.

Step 2

We designed a 'call for evidence' to help us understand and validate the state of readiness of proposals and plans that developers, local authorities and other people and organisations are considering around the places we have identified.

Step 3

The results of this call for evidence will enable us to create a priority order of network investment (reinforcement). We will then implement this over the next two to three years. It will also inform longer term network development in RIIO-ED2 and beyond.

"With tens of millions of pounds allocated for investment in each distribution network licence area, there is around £300m available across Great Britain."

David Smith, Chief Executive of Energy Networks Association

What happens next

Our call for evidence closes on Friday 19 March 2021 at 5pm. It's open to everyone and no technology is excluded. If your project is ready to be delivered and supports the net zero transition, you are encouraged to take part.

Now until 19 March at 5pm

You should respond to our call for evidence through your local network operator

From 22 March to early May

Network operators, Ofgem and the government will review submissions


Final short listing of sites will be announced and work will commence

"With the clock ticking on the UK’s race to hit net zero carbon emissions, we cannot afford to delay in building a clean energy infrastructure that will help power our transport and heat our homes emissions-free."

Jonathan Brearley, Chief Executive of Ofgem

Take part in our call for evidence

Tap or click on your region. You'll be taken to your local network operator's website where you can take part in the call for evidence.

This scheme is part of a much wider Government policy response to address climate change and support a green energy economy, and hence must be co-ordinated with and support wider schemes. For example, this scheme could be used as a pathfinder for OLEV’s Project Rapid. This scheme will pave the way for collaborative and agile investment by networks in the RIIO2 periods. 

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