Secure, Affordable Low Carbon: Gas in our Future Energy System

Our gas network is one of the best developed in the world, providing safe, secure, affordable energy to homes and businesses across the UK. To meet the biggest energy challenge of our generation - making deep cuts to carbon emissions by 2050 - we need to embrace new technology which builds on these strengths and delivers the integrated, flexible network of the future.

Please click here to view the Secure, affordable low carbon: gas in our future energy system booklet produced by ENA's Gas Futures Group in conjunction with EUA and IGEM.

The gas network is affordablesecure, and adaptable to emissions reduction goals with less disruption, while making a wide economic contribution to the country and playing a crucial role in the UK's integrated energy system through innovation and capacity. This booklet outlines these six key advantages and showcases supporting initiatives and projects that are playing a leading role in the future of energy.