Renewable Gas Sources Overview

There are several forms of renewable sources of gas including biogas which is produced by the decomposition of various organic materials e.g. household refuse, sewage sludge and agricultural waste. Another type is bio-SNG made from gasification of dry materials. This alternative fuel source represents an affordable and renewable solution for space, water and process heating, if injected into the gas network, without the need for changes to infrastructure or appliances whilst also potentially reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

The Gas Distribution Networks (GDNs) are committed to maximising the opportunities to use biomethane and other renewable gas sources in the UK and are working with stakeholders, trade associations, the Regulator and Government to progress this and remove any barriers to entry, both regulatory and financial where possible.

The GDNs have also worked with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy to create a guidance document to advise potential biogas producers of how this can be converted to biomethane and injected into the gas grid. A link of this can be found in the section below.

If you are a producer of biomethane and would like to speak to your local Gas Distribution Network about possible injection into the grid please see the relevant GDN links below for further information.

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  • ENA Renewable Gas Position Statement - Coming Soon