Connection standardisation

Distributed gas entry is becoming ever more commonplace in the gas network. The technical requirements to connect these onshore and typically small scale sites differ from network to network company and as such a programme of standardisation has been ongoing since 2018. The diagram below sets out the processes and standards that are being considered through this programme.

Connection standardisation

Site Acceptance Testing

ENA has developed and agreed with its gas network members a list of required Site Acceptance Tests to allow biomethane sites to demonstrate their compliance to FWACV and GS(M)R regulation. Currently there are different approaches being employed and a lack of consistency in respect of the testing being undertaken and the evidence produced. To address this, methodologies are proposed to be supplied by individual service providers which meet the requirements. These methodologies can then be agreed by the GDNs to be used for all future testing. This will allow more efficient and effective methods of undertaking, recording and approving the testing of the GEU gas quality and measurement systems allowing DFOs and GDNs to satisfy regulatory obligations.

ENA has written to the GEU suppliers requesting they compile their methodology to satisfy these requirements and submit to the ENA by 21st May 2020, with review and comments to be undertaken by the networks and submitted to suppliers for return and update for final approval by the 1st July 2020. This letter is avaialble here. If you have any questions regarding the specific requirements and tests please email [email protected]