Gas Network Innovation Strategy

As a part of the Transmission and Distribution Licenses, the Gas and Electricity Networks produce joint innovation strategies, at least every two years. ENA as the voice of the networks, has coordinated the development of these strategies on behalf of the Gas and Electricity Networks.

Below you will find the latest Gas Network Innovation Strategy, as well as the results of recent extensive stakeholder feedback, which was undertaken throughout the development of the strategy.


Strategy Documents

The latest Gas Network Innovation Strategy was published on 31st March 2020, alongside an 'At A Glance' summary strategy for both Gas and Electricity Networks. You can find the documents as follows:

  • Gas Network Innovation Strategy 2020 here
  • Energy At a Glance Strategy 2020 here
  • Electricity Network Innovation Strategy here

The Strategies have been designed to identify the most important challenges and opportunities facing Britain’s energy networks in supporting the delivery of the UK’s Net Zero carbon emissions targets, and delivering essential services to customers across the country. Innovation helps us deliver those goals by trialing new technology and approaches, and the Strategies also set out how we share knowledge across the sector and with the wider industry.

Building on this approach in partnership with our stakeholders, the revised and refreshed Gas Network Innovation Strategy has set out to encourage: wider participation within innovation; shared learning and collaboration across industry; coordinated action on priority areas that offer significant potential benefit; and shared learning to minimise duplication. You can find out more about our Stakeholder Engagement process below.

In the Strategy, we have:

  • Highlighted our key stakeholders and what our high-level ambitions are for network innovation
  • Set out the role that our existing gas infrastructure can play in meeting demand for power, heat and transport now and in the future.
  • Outlined our strategic objectives for innovation and divided the challenges we face into:
    • 5 shared network innovation themes, and
    • 5 key principles which underpin our innovation activity.

Other documents:

  • Download the 2020 stakeholder engagement feedback here (survey) and here (workshops)
  • Read our 'at a glance' summary of the 2018 Gas Network Innovation Strategy here
  • Download the full 2018 Gas Network Innovation Strategy here

Stakeholder Engagement

ENA and its Members believe that in order to develop a successful and well-informed Gas Network Innovation Strategy, it is essential that wider input from industry is incorporated. Stakeholder feedback and input is crucial, and hence we have undertaken extensive consultation throughout the development of the strategy. We want to thank all parties who helped input to the strategy, and strongly encourage any other interested parties to participate in future innovation activities with the Gas Networks, including subsequent updates to the Gas Network Innovation Strategy. The following sections detail the consultation that was undertaken during the development of this strategy, in chronological order.

Online Consultations

As part of the delivery plan, ENA ran an online consultation from 11th November 2019 until 9th December 2019 to seek views from stakeholders around engagement with innovation activities; feedback on the first published innovation strategy documents; and the proposed content of the revised strategies. Two associated webinars were delivered to provide further feedback on the proposed content . The feedback from this has been considered and a summary of this consultation can be found here.

Stakeholder Workshops

ENA and its Members also hosted two stakeholder workshops; one in Glasgow on 14th January 2020 and another at ENA's office in London on 22nd January 2020. These stakeholder workshops built on the feedback gained from the online consultation and webinars. The purpose of the workshops was to engage stakeholders and to obtain feedback on the analysis and draft revisions of the Innovation Strategies. A summary of the stakeholder workshops can be found here.

The feedback and comments from the stakeholder workshops, as well as the online consultations, have been carefully considered, and the final innovation strategy documents updated accordingly.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cherish.Anyanwu ([email protected]) or Vivian Ng ([email protected])/