Gas Innovation

Britain's energy mix is changing and the way our gas networks operate needs to change too. Ofgem provide essential backing to innovative projects which aim to help make the energy networks smarter, accelerate the development of a low carbon energy sector as well as deliver financial benefits to consumers. The projects help develop crucial knowledge and expertise which is being shared across the industry.

ENA Gas Innovation Governance Group 

The gas distribution and transmission network companies work together through the Gas Innovation Governance Group (GIGG) to explore what technological, operational and commercial projects are most suitable for the future needs of the gas networks. The representatives from each of the five networks meet each month to consider challenges that require innovative solutions, share learning and develop robust processes for collaboration.

The GIGG produces a quarterly newsletter to highlight their activities and to provide details of recently initiated NIA Projects.  The most recent issue can be found here.

Gas Network Innovation Strategy

In March 2018, the GB gas transmission and distribution networks published their first joint Gas Network Innovation Strategy. This was coordinated by ENA/GIGG. You can find the strategy documents and more details here

Gas Network Innovation Allowance

In addition to the NIC, as part of the RIIO GD1 price control Ofgem have introduced the Network Innovation Allowance (NIA). The NIA is a set allowance RIIO network licensees receive as part of their price control allowance.

The NIA provides limited funding to RIIO network licensees to use for two purposes:

  • To fund smaller technical, commercial, or operational projects directly related to the licensees network that have the potential to deliver financial benefits to the licensee and its customers; and/or
  • To fund the preparation of submissions to the Network Innovation Competition  (NIC), which meet the criteria, set out in the NIC Governance Document.

To access detailed information on the Gas NIA, please see Gas Network Innovation Allowance on Ofgem’s Website

To access details on the Gas NIA Projects registered, please see ENA’s Smarter Networks Portal

Benefits Reporting Framework

Under the ENA Gas Innovation Governance Group (GIGG) and Electricity Innovation Managers (EIM), Gas and Electricity Networks have worked collaboratively in preparation for RIIO-2 to inform the wider industry of the adoption of a benefit tracking methodology that delivers a wide range of benefits to network customers and wider stakeholders. This has been designed to increase transparency on the benefits of network innovation projects.

You can download a copy of the proposed approach here.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact [email protected]

Gas Network Innovation Problem Statements

Please click here for 'problem statements' applicable across the gas transmission and distribution networks in the UK. These were last published in 2017, and have now been incorporated in the Gas Network Innovation Strategy.