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Role of the Advisory Group

The Advisory Group is essential to our programme to:

  • Give our stakeholders the opportunity to provide early input and improve the quality of our products
  • Help stakeholders increase their awareness of Gas Goes Green and upcoming activities
  • Increase awareness about programme opportunities and risks, and support collaboration wherever possible

It will provide input to the Steering Group, on the overall project scope, progress, risks & issues, as well as on workstreams, with comments and feedback on deliverables. Terms of reference can be found here.


To help guide the work of Gas Goes Green, we aim to create a representative Advisory Group, comprising experts from across the energy industry.

The Advisory Group includes representatives from Government, Parliament, Ofgem, Committee on Climate Change, Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers, electricity network operators, green gas producers, gas suppliers, industry experts, and academia.

We welcome expressions of interest more widely at [email protected]


The Advisory Group meetings will proceed the Steering Group meetings to ensure feedback and advice can be swiftly relayed.

Input and feedback at Advisory Group meetings will be recorded and we anticipate this will be used to shape project workstreams, deliverables and outputs.


On this page you will find the agenda, slide deck, and any supporting documents for the upcoming Advisory Group meetings, as well as material from previous meetings.

14 May 2020

Meeting materials:


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