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Our gas network is one of the best developed in the world, providing safe, secure, affordable energy to homes and businesses across the UK. To meet the biggest energy challenge of our generation - making deep cuts to carbon emissions by 2050 - we need to embrace new technology which builds on these strengths and delivers the integrated, flexible network of the future.

ENA's Gas Goes Green programme builds on the work that the networks have been undertaking to build a low cost, low carbon network and develop new technologies that make the most of biogas, bioSNG, hydrogen and smart hybrid heating systems. It sets out the network plan to meet net zero and specific deliverables required along the way.


Gas Goes Green will demonstrate the coordinated activity of the gas networks across the UK to meet the challenges of climate change, whilst supporting policy decisions to deliver the decarbonised gas we need. Specifically the programme will:

  • Demonstrate the role of gas in meeting net zero and our carbon budgets and the importance of innovation and investment to deliver against decarbonisation pathways
  • Work across the networks to provide a comprehensive view of key infrastructure changes required, taking a whole systems approach
  • Launch new projects to address new challenges and opportunities for net zero
  • Articulate what the Gas Goes Green vision will deliver for the UK, including for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and at regional levels
  • Identify policy, regulatory, skills and research & innovation gaps, setting out policy options and short term ‘low regrets’ measures
  • Engage strategically with key stakeholders in government and across the energy industry to ensure that the gas networks are delivering key objectives

Programme governance

To achieve these objectives Gas Goes Green has created six workstreams under the programme. Each has specific deliverables that will be undertaken by network and industry experts.

The overall governance structure of the project can be found in the diagram below:

GGG Programme structure

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