WS6 - Communications and stakeholder engagement

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Greening the gas grid is about more than decarbonisation. Gas Goes Green can unlock green jobs and regional economic growth.

The gas networks have a pathway to net zero emissions - but how this will be accomplished? When will actions need to be taken, and by whom?

This workstream will begin to tackle such questions while also engaging stakeholders from within and outside the energy industry on the important role gas has to play in tackling climate change.

Outside of the energy industry there is low public awareness of the implications of the decarbonisation of heat which Gas Goes Green can address. Consumers, be they transport, industry or households are likely to look to advice from energy suppliers, equipment manufacturers and installers of low carbon appliances so all will need to be involved in the programme.

Deliverable 6.1 - A whole system approach to heat decarbonisation

To achieve the net zero emission target, government policy will need to support several technologies that have the potential to be a significant part of a decarbonised energy system, but today are relatively expensive to implement. While a consensus is beginning to
emerge that different solutions will be required for different types of consumers and for different types of buildings, Gas Goes Green will develop this thinking and evaluate policy required to unlock each option.

This work, to be published in June, will set out the choices different types of energy consumers have on the pathway to net zero, from which point targeted policy options can be developed.


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