Gas Decarbonisation Pathways

Our gas network is one of the best developed in the world, providing safe, secure, affordable energy to homes and businesses across the UK. To meet the biggest energy challenge of our generation - making deep cuts to carbon emissions by 2050 - we need to embrace new technology which builds on these strengths and delivers the integrated, flexible network of the future.

ENA's Gas Decarbonisation Pathways Project is a major industry initiative to build on the work that the networks have been undertaking to build a low cost, low carbon network and develop new technologies that make the most of biogas, bioSNG, hydrogen and smart hybrid heating systems. It will help coordinate network activity and support policy making for decarbonised gas.

Watch the video below to learn more.


Alongside the Decarbonisation Pathways Project, ENA is supporting a Hydrogen Transformation Group to coordinate activity on the conversion of our existing gas networks to carry hydrogen. You can find out more about the approach we're taking to developing Hydrogen Networks here.

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