SHE Management Conference 2018

 SHE 2018

2018 Conference Host

Northern Powergrid

Helping energy networks work well

Organised by Energy Networks Association and hosted by Northern Powergrid, the 2018 Energy Industry Safety, Health and Environment Management Conference was held at Hilton Newcastle Gateshead on 23-25 May.

It was the 29th Annual Conference, which provided a forum for all stakeholders - employees, employers, trade unions and regulators - to network, share best practice and review safety, health and environment challenges and concerns. It aimed to foster co-operation and improve contact between and within the organisations and companies that comprise our industry.

This year's programme highlighted what our sector is doing to ‘Help Great Britain work well’ (#HelpGBWorkWell). Many of the sessions were themed around our well established and widely respected Powering Improvement strategy, particularly the focus areas of asset management, occupational health, and human and organisational factors.

Additionally, as well as hearing from industry regulators and partners, the conference focused on the increasing challenges of environmental management and sustainability, whilst refreshing our approach to health and safety, including work-related road risk. External speakers who are leaders in their field provided the stimulus for a renewed vision and approach to improving performance.

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