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Powering Improvement is the Health and Safety strategy of ENA and Energy UK member companies, trade unions and HSE to bring about continuous improvement in safety and occupational health in the energy generation and networks sectors.

It follows the success of SAFELEC 2010 which sought to cut days lost to work-related injury and ill-health in line with Government targets.

To maintain momentum throughout the five years, each year the strategy will focus on a specific theme which has been identified as a priority area for our sector. Each theme will be led by a senior champion.

  • 2010 - Leadership
  • 2011 - Occupational health/wellbeing
  • 2012 - Asset management/ maintenance
  • 2013 - Behavioural safety/personal responsibility
  • 2014 - Beyond 2015 – Next steps
  • 2015 - Working with Contractors
  • 2016 - Managing Occupational Ill Health Risks
  • 2017 - Asset Management
  • 2018 - Human & Organisational Factors
  • 2019 - Reviewof Progress and developing the next phase of 'Powering Improvement' 

In addition, in line with HSE’s strategy, three over-arching themes will run throughout the duration of Powering Improvement:

  • Leadership
  • Improving competence
  • Worker involvement