Occupational Health Advisory Group

The Occupational Health Advisory Group for the Electricity Industry (OHAG) is an independent body of senior occupational physicians.

They all have a professional role to provide advice to individual companies in the electricity industry and they meet together three times a year to discuss matters of common interest and to promote good practice in occupational health across the industry.

The main route for doing this is by the preparation of guidance notes on topics of interest to the industry. The remit of OHAG and its guidance covers all aspect of the industry from generation, through transmission and distribution to retail and supply. OHAG has also contributed to the new edition of Eurelectric's Report on 'Health and Safety Issues related to Electricity Industry's Activities', please follow the link below to view the document.


Until now the promulgation of this OHAG guidance has largely been by means of paper copies of the documents circulating within individual companies in the electricity industry. OHAG recognises that there is a need to make these papers more widely available and is grateful for the support provided by ENA in hosting these documents on their website.

The guidance notes will be of interest to managers, employees and occupational health professionals within the industry. They give general advice which has to be interpreted in the light of local circumstances. Health professionals using the guidance, retain an individual responsibility to act in accordance with appropriate professional standards and ethics. This guidance is offered in good faith and neither the individual members of OHAG, the companies they support, ENA or Energy UK can accept any liability for actions taken as a result of using the guidance.

1. Organisation and administration of occupational health functions

2. Common health issues

3. Fitness for role or activity

4. Specific work place risks or environments