National HESAC

National HESAC Meeting Notes

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National HESAC - Terms of Reference

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Moving Forward Together

ENA and Energy UK (EUK, previously AEP) Member Companies together with the Industry’s Trade Unions and the support of Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are committed to working together to improve health and safety standards in our sector.

To support this commitment, ENA and EUK Member Companies together with the sector’s four recognised trade unions, namely GMB, Prospect, Unison and Unite, have issued this statement of intent.

Commitment/Leadership from the Top
ENA and EUK Company Senior Management and TU National Officers are firmly committed to improving H&S standards in our sector and where appropriate, agreeing initiatives to achieve this at all levels in the industry. A good example of this is the current Powering Improvement strategy (see

Challenge of Unsafe Acts and Conditions

ENA and EUK Company line managers, supervisors and TU Safety Representatives commit to challenging any unsafe acts that they witness and reporting any unsafe conditions that
they encounter whilst at work.

Good Communications
ENA and EUK Companies together with the Trade Unions will work to ensure good communications both nationally and locally regarding health and safety issues. Formal communications will be established between National HESAC and local company H&S Committees.

Developing and Leading Proactive Measures to Improve H&S Performance

Through National HESAC, ENA and EUK Companies together with Trade Unions will discuss, agree, and implement, measures to improve health and safety performance within the Industry. Best practice will be shared across the industry.

Support for H&S Representatives

ENA and EUK companies will continue to actively support dialogue with employees on health and safety issues through the provision of time and facilities for safety representatives to carry out their duties and participate in company level committees and initiatives.

Annual Priorities

ENA and EUK Member Companies and Trade Unions will discuss and agree specific issues to target as priorities on an annual basis in support of the Powering Improvement strategy. These will be monitored and feedback provided through National HESAC.