Environment Overview

Energy networks are not naturally seen as having a significant contribution to make to environmental improvements. Networks are in fact playing a pivotal role in bringing on wind power and other types of low-carbon energy production. And they have a central part in developments in smart metering and other advanced technology that promise to improve efficient use of energy.

At the same time energy networks are working hard to reduce the impact their own activities have on the environment by, for example, curbing releases of hazardous substances used in electricity distribution and reducing gas lost from the systems.

This commitment is reflected in a Partnership Agreement between ENA and the Environment Agency. The Agreement outlines the arrangements for the electricity network operators and the regulator to work together to manage and reduce environmental risks, and for the companies to develop suitable guidance material on the key issues within the sector.

ENA - EA Partnership Agreement 

Guidance has been drawn up under the framework of the Agreement on the management of ecologically sensitive and archaeologically important sites. The document below provides an introduction to relevant staff on the key procedures and activities required to avoid or minimise any environmental impact on such sites. It contains information on the legislative, planning and design, and licence requirements along with an overview of key protected habitats and species. It does not represent definitive guidance, but is issued in support of more detailed existing company practices.

ENA Best Practice Guide - Ecological and Archaeological Management

ENA Member Companies are committed to minimising any environmental impact from the operation of their assets. This includes maintenance work on public and private land necessary for the continued performance and reliability of these assets. All companies will ensure that such work conforms to the principles outlined in a Transmission and Distribution Steel Lattice Tower Refurbishment Good Practice Guide.

ENA Transmission and Distribution Steel Lattice Tower Refurbishment Good Practice Guide