Overview of DNOs

The electricity distribution networks are regional grids that branch from the national grids to deliver power to industrial, commercial and domestic users. The UK distribution network operators' regions are shown on the map below, together with those of independent distribution network operators who are ENA members.


The six UK mainland DNOs have created a performance infographic for 2016-17 which can be found here.

Independent Distribution Network Operators

Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) develop, operate and maintain local electricity distribution networks. IDNO networks are directly connected to the DNO networks or indirectly to the DNO via another IDNO.

For further information on IDNOs visit the Ofgem website here


Electricity Standards of Performance

ENA members have developed three guides to the standards for suppliers and customers, including how to contact your distribution network operator in the event of a query or claim. These are available to download below.


National Terms of Connection

Your electricity supplier has been appointed as the agent of your electricity network operator to obtain a connection agreement with you on the national terms of connection. This means that, when you enter into your electricity supply contract with your supplier, you are also entering into a connection agreement with your electricity network operator on these terms. Further information is available at:  www.connectionterms.org.uk.

Click here to download these terms.