Smart Meters

ENA and it's members are working hard to support the roll-out of electricity and gas smart metering in Great Britain. This involves working closely with Energy Suppliers, Government, BEIS, Ofgem, The Smart Metering Data Communication Company (DCC) and other stakeholders to ensure that the benefits to electricity and gas network customers are maximised. The work includes (but is not limited to):

  • Working to better understand Energy Supplier roll-out plans to ensure an effective and efficient response to network related issues that arise during smart meter installations;
  • Understanding how information from smart meters can be best used to inform efficient network reinforcement decisions and keep these costs to customers as low as possible;
  • Understanding how smart meter information can improve the level of service provided to those customers that experience network related supply disturbances and interruptions.

As part of ENA’s work to support the GB smart metering roll-out a series of reports have been produced and these are available from the links below.

For further information on ENA’s work in supporting the smart metering roll-out please contact Paul Abreu

ENA EREC M30 Issue 2 - Standard Electricity Network Operator Electricity Smart Meter Configurations – January 2018

ENA has published a document that specifies a set of standard configurations relating to Electricity Network Operator functionality that should be applied to an electricity smart meter prior to commissioning. It is anticipated that these settings will be applied as part of the manufacturing or testing process by the smart meter manufacturer. The Electricity Network Operator is able to change these settings post commissioning using the appropriate DCC Service Request.

This second issue of the document replaces the previous issue from September 2016.  The latest update clarifies the requirement to send an alert at the point in time when an event condition is no longer present.  The document also incorporates the changes associated with revisions to Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications (SMETS) and the GB Companion Specification (GBCS).

ENA EREC M31 Issue 1 - DNO Strategy for Supplier Population of Network Operators’ Trust Anchor Cells in Electricity Smart Meters

This document has been developed by the members of the ENA DCC Interaction IT Group (DIG) and provides guidance to suppliers on the appropriate use of DNO and iDNO credentials in accordance with Inventory, Enrolment and Withdrawal Procedures set out in the Smart Energy Code.  Suppliers need the correct DNO/iDNO credentials given in this document in order to populate the network operator trust anchor cells in a newly installed electricity smart meter.

The document is available to all supplier parties via the SEC Party secure webpages here. Parties wishing to gain access to this webpage will need to be a SEC Party and have a SEC Website User Account. This can be set up by contacting the SECAS Helpdesk ([email protected]) to request access to the ID Allocation webpage. 

Consumer Attidudes to DNO Access to Half Hourly Electricity Consumption Data March 2017

Smart meters are able to record and store lots of information about the energy supply provided to customers. Some of the information contained in smart meters is considered to be personal information and is subject to much more stringent privacy controls. One of these data items is Half Hourly Consumption Data. 

In the latter part of 2016 Ipsos MORI conducted 12 ENA sponsored consumer focus groups to obtain the consumer views and attitudes to DNOs having access to the half hourly consumption data contained within smart meters. The findings from this research are detailed in the Ipsos MORI final report here

EA Technology Smart Meter Aggregation Assessment - July 2015

ENA Review of the Analysis of Network Benefits from Smart Meter Message Flows - July 2013

MOCOPA Guidance on Service Termination Issues

ENA Report on Network Benefits of Smart Meter Message Flows - March 2012

Engage/ENA Privacy Impact Assessment of use of Smart Metering Data - October 2011

KEMA Cool Use of Energy (CUE) Reports - March 2011

Engage/ENA High Level Smart Metering Cost Benefit Analysis - July 2010

ENA set of functional requirements for Smart Meters - April 2010

Engage reports on Smart Metering requirements - April 2010

ENA/SEDG/Imperial College report on Benefits of Advanced Smart Metering - April 2010