Innovation Overview

If the transformations we anticipate in gas and electricity production and consumption are to achieve their full potential to cut carbon emissions, networks of the future will have to be very different to the ones that have served the UK well for more than 40 years.

Preparation for the future is the dominant feature of our work which spans engineering and safety, health and the environment. And that feature is reflected in our representation of the industry in the UK and overseas.

ENA has seized the initiative to influence the outcome in the development of a UK energy industry that addresses the challenges the future will bring. We are working hard to establish in the minds of policymakers, the vital role networks will play in developing an energy sector that can handle the demands that come with tackling climate change and keeping energy supplies secure. At the same time we have backed strongly efforts to put in place the skills to realise the ambitions for the future of the energy sector and indeed those of the UK.