WS4 - Whole Energy Systems

2020 Products

If you would like to learn more about the products planned for 2020, please refer to the Phase 4 Project Initiation Document (PID) 2020. Alternatively, should you wish to be notified when new products are launched, subscribe to the Open Networks mailing list.

Product 1: Whole System CBA

Phase 1 Report

Recommended in the Workstream 4 2019 Final Report, Product 1's Whole System Cost Benefit Analysis is a key tool in supporting those decisions to ensure they are optimal for consumers, the public, the environment and the industry as a whole. The product will be progressed in three phases. The Phase 1 Report details the process gone through, the stakeholders engaged, and the recommendations to move the product forward.

Product 3: Whole System FES - Gas input to Whole System FES

Phase 1 Report

The work of Product 3 is building on 2019 WS1B Product 2 which has aligned the methodology for representing scenarios across electricity network companies and enabled Electricity DNOs to input more directly to the production of the GB wide Future Energy Scenarios (FES). The Phase 1 Report details the progress the product team has made to date, as well as outlining next steps.

Product 5: Coordinated Gathering Regional Data

Following on from the 2019 Investment Planning Opportunity Analysis work of Workstream 4, Product 5 takes the opportunity to create a consistent and co-ordinated approach to gathering regional data, particularly Local Authorities but also potentially other parties. Currently this data is gathered independently by all of the networks (and probably in different ways requesting different data) so consistency would deliver efficiencies for the parties being requested data and consistency for industry.

The Product 5 Final Report details the work done to reduce duplication of the regional data gathering processes that networks use as an input into business planning processes, by considering a Whole Systems approach to collecting and sharing this data.

Product 6: Current Network Resource Data Analysis

The Product 6 Final Report details the work to consider, identify and document what data currently exists for published network resources or other resources that already exist and could be published, as well as an initial view of priority data gaps. The output of this analysis will feed into the ENA Data Working Group that is considering more widely how network data can be sourced and presented.

2019 Products 

If you would like to learn more about the products planned for 2019, please refer to the Phase 3 Project Initiation Document (PID) 2019. Alternatively, should you wish to be notified when new products are launched,  subscribe to the Open Networks mailing list by clicking here. 

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2019 Final Report

This report outlines the method and approach taken to developing whole energy systems outcomes in the Open Networks Project, as well as opportunities that have been identified at this stage.  This report highlights the opportunities for improvement identified by the workstream and the next steps for 2020.

  • The final report can be accessed here.
  • The interim report can be accessed here.