Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging a wide variety of stakeholders is vital to a large transformational project like Open Networks, and we have worked to involve individuals who have any interaction with the networks in Great Britain, across the whole energy system.

To help guide the work of the Open Networks Project, we have created a representative Advisory Group containing over 40 experts from across the British energy industry. The Open Networks Project uses the Advisory Group to help in the development of products from an early stage, but also to report back the progress of the project to the wider industry.

A full list of the Advisory Group members can be found here.

We’re constantly trying to make engaging with us as easy as possible, and have a number of channels open to receive feedback:

  • Through Advisory Group representatives for trade associations
    • We have representation from most sectors of the industry on the Advisory Group, and feedback can be provided through them. Any material for the Advisory Group meetings, such as agendas and slide decks, is published on our website here two weeks in advance of the meetings to give representatives the opportunity to share and bring input from their segment of the industry.
  • Public consultations
    • Each year, we identify high priority deliverables based on stakeholder feedback, and consult the wider industry for their views on these key products. Stakeholder feedback is incredibly important to the Open Networks Project, and we seek and welcome responses from across the industry.
  • Public events
    • We host a series of public events throughout the year to complement our consultations, and to help steer the development of Open Networks products and deliverables. Click here to visit our events page to find out more about our upcoming events and consultations.
  • Distribution lists
    • Subscribe to our distribution list to be kept up to date with the Open Networks Project, including upcoming events, consultation launches, and more on how you can get involved in the project.

The project also hosts public events throughout the year to complement our consultations. To find out more about our events, visit our events page here.

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