End of Year Reports and Reviews

Open Networks: 2019 in Review

Having completed its third year of development, ENAs Open Networks Project has seen major progress made towards delivering the smart grid.

Following the successful year of delivery, the Open Networks Project has published its annual 2019 in Review. The report highlights the key achievements and outputs from the project, and the work done to open local markets for flexibility, define the route of travel to DSO, open up data provision, improve connections queues for customers, and start to consider whole energy system solutions.

Also looking ahead to 2020, the end of year review outlines how the project will build on the momentum buillt in 2019 by standardising and aligning processes and practices to build a network that works for all.

  • You can access and downlad a copy of the report here.

2018 Review: Building a more efficient, smarter, cleaner, energy system

ENA and the Open Networks Project have published the '2018 Review: Building a more efficient, smarter, cleaner energy system' report.

This report outlines the key achievements from the project in 2018, including enabling the growth of flexibility services markets at a local, regional and national level, coordinating energy networks systems development, delivering best practice guidance and developing the evidence base for decisions about the future.

It also highlights the focus for the project in 2019, including expanding upon the focus on the whole electricity system by looking across the energy system at gas, heat, transport and waste. In the short-term, the project will continue to enable a staggered roll-out of new standards, procedures and processes.

The project will continue to provide valuable input to wider industry developments, including Ofgem’s Significant Code Review of network charging and access and the Government’s recently established Energy Data Taskforce.

  • You can download a copy of the report here.
  • You can download the report 'at a glance' here.

For more information about how the Open Networks Project is transforming the networks, download these fact sheets:

Fact sheet #1: How are we using new technologies?

Fact sheet #2: What are flexibility services?

Fact sheet #3: Case studies across Great Britain

Fact sheet #4: You said, we did

Fact sheet #5: Bringing benefits to the public

Opening Markets for Network Flexibility 2017 Achievements and Future Direction Report

ENA and the Open Networks Project Members have published the 'Opening Markets for Network Flexibility 2017 Achievements and Future Direction' report.

This report describes the background and scope of what ENA’s Open Networks Project has delivered in 2017 and will achieve going forward, and then sets out:

  • Our whole system approach to development
  • Our work to date focused on the customer experience
  • How we are delivering the objectives set out in the Ofgem and BEIS Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan:
    • Opening up the delivery of network requirements to the market so new solutions such as storage or demand side response can compete directly with more traditional network solutions, including as an alternative to reinforcement
    • Mechanisms for transmission and distribution coordination which enable whole system network requirements to be identified and acted upon efficiently, in the best interests of the consumer
  • The project’s support to whole system network charging reforms.

The report also describes the development work planned for 2018 as well as a vision of the next steps for the Open Networks Project.

You can download a copy of the report here.