Electricity Networks Innovation Strategy

As a part of the Transmission and Distribution Licences, the Electricity and Gas Networks are required to produce a joint innovation strategy. ENA will be coordinating the development of these strategies on behalf of the Electricity and Gas Networks. Below you will find the Electricity Network Innovation Strategy, as well as the results of extensive stakeholder feedback, which was undertaken throughout the development of the strategy.


The Electricity Network Innovation Strategy was first published on 29th March 2018, and it will be updated by the Electricity Networks every 2 years at a minimum.

The latest version of the strategy can be found here


Stakeholder Engagement

ENA and its Members believe that in order to develop a successful and well-informed Electricity Network Innovation Strategy, it is essential that wider input from industry is incorporated. Stakeholder feedback and input is very important, and hence we have undertaken extensive consultation throughout the development of the strategy. We want to thank all parties who helped input to the strategy, and strongly encourage any other interested parties to participate in future innovation activities with the Electricity Networks, including subsequent updates to the Electricity Network Innovation Strategy. The following sections detail the consultation that was undertaken during the development of this strategy, in chronological order.

First Consultation

As part of the delivery plan, ENA ran an initial consultation from 22nd September until 6th October 2017 to gather stakeholder views on challenges and uncertainties facing electricity transmission and distribution licensees. The feedback from this has been considered and a summary of this consultation can be found here along with our response to specific feedback here

Second Consultation

A second, more detailed stakeholder consultation on the draft Electricity Network Innovation Strategy was undertaken from 17th November until 15th December 2017. This consultation covered the entire draft strategy, including how to solve the challenges and gaps identified using innovation projects. We asked a range of detailed questions covering all sections in the draft strategy, and we received equally detailed responses from a range of stakeholders. The feedback from this consultation has been carefully considered, and the final strategy updated accordingly. A summary of this consultation can be found here along with a our responses to specific feedback here. Note that this summary also includes the first consultation as well as the stakeholder events listed below. 

Stakeholder Engagement Workshops

As part of the aforementioned second phase of consultation, ENA and its Members hosted two free stakeholder workshops to facilitate more open and in-depth conversation on the draft strategy. The first workshop took place in Glasgow on Tuesday 21st November 2017 and a second workshop was held in London on Thursday 23rd November 2017.

The Electricity Network Innovation Strategy was also presented at the LCNI Conference in Telford on 6th and 7th December 2017. This included both a plenary session  and an interactive panel session with innovation leaders from the Gas and Electricity Networks.

A summary of the feedback from the Stakeholder Engagement Workshops can also be found in the Second Consultation Summary here.

 For further details on any of the information above, please contact Head of Innovation, Randolph Brazier ([email protected]).  


Innovation Strategy Update

ENA, on behalf of its industry members within the Gas & Innovation Governance Group (GIGG) and Electricity Innovation Managers (IM), is launching an invitation to tender (ITT) to appoint a consultant who will:

  • Assist in the revision of our Gas and Electricity Network Innovation Strategies to be published in March 2020
    • The existing versions of these can be found on our website here and here
  • Work in collaboration with the Gas and Electricity Networks via ENA
  • Engage with industry stakeholders

Should you be interested in this piece of work, please find the complete ITT (including Scope of Services) here alongside the Award Criteria here. Please note that any clarifying questions will be addressed by ENA and shared anonymously with all invitees who have expressed an interest in responding.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with [email protected] or Evie Trolove at [email protected].