Innovation Portals

ENA hosts two innovation portals on behalf of its members:

The Smarter Networks Portal

The Smarter Networks Portal acts as a repository for regulatory funded innovation project learning, news and dissemination events.  It initially focused on the LCN Fund Tier 1, LCN Fund Tier 2 and IFI funding mechanisms and now the RIIO Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) and Network Innovation Competition (NIC) funding mechanisms, with the aims of providing:

  • An overview of the technical and commercial coverage of current and completed GB electricity and gas smart grid projects.
  • Identification of activity areas and gaps. 
  • Interactive Network Innovation Allowance project registration functionality.
  • Listing of latest news, smart grid events and launches.
  • Assistance to ENA, its members and other interested parties in tracking progress of projects and promoting the sharing of information and learning. 

Click here to visit the Smarter Networks Portal.


The Network Innovation Collaboration Portal

Important aspects of the NIC and NIA funding mechanisms are the:

  • identification of appropriate external parties (Project Partners) who can address NIC or NIA project needs;
  • establishment of communication between Network Licensees and external parties (Project Partners) to facilitate the development of viable projects.

In order to achieve the above aims the Network Innovation Collaboration Portal:

  • allows Project Partners to record their names and contact details in a single repository;
  • allows Project Partners to post brief information about a specific product and/or service area they wish to offer and which meet NIC or NIA eligibility criteria;
  • automatically e-mails alerts to nominated contacts within Network Licensees with the details of any new project proposals from Project Partner organisations;
  • automatically e-mails alerts to nominated contacts within Project Partner organisations with the details of any new Network Licensee invitations expression of interest in partnering on NIA/NIC innovation projects.

 Click here to visit the NI Collaboration Portal.


For further information on either portal, please email [email protected]