EU Network Codes

The Third Energy Package sets out the framework for a series of EU network codes to be developed by the European Transmission System Operators, working within Framework Guidelines developed by the Regulators in ACER.

ENA’s TSO members are playing a key drafting role for the new codes through their participation in ENTSO-E and ENTSOG. In addition, ENA has successfully lobbied for our distribution system operator members (DSOs) to be represented in DSO specific drafting discussions with the TSOs.

EU politicians have decreed that the internal market should be fully functioning by 2012, which implies the completion of every framework guideline and network codes listed in the new Electricity and Gas Regulations. We have made the point that the pace of work on these pan European codes, particularly the technical codes, should not be rushed simply to meet an arbitrary (political) deadline, and there are signs that this message has now been understood.

For further information please email Jane May, [email protected].