International, European and British Standards

ENA manages project representation on IEC, CENELEC, BSI and BSI/IET Committees, in addition to attending meetings of CIGRE working groups and providing members with regular reports.

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EC Smart Grid Standards - Mandate M490

The Smart Gid Coordination Group has issued for comment four reports by the four sub working groups. Comments on the reports should be submitted to the respective convenor by close of business  7 October 2014.

Reports and respective comments form are as follows;

1. Smart Grid Information Security - comments form - Convenors - Volker Distelrath ([email protected])

2. Methodologies to faciliate Smart Grid System Interoperability through standardisation, system design and testing - comments form - Andre Postma ([email protected])

2a. Interoperability Tool

3. Set of Standards - comments form - Convenor - Laurent Guise ([email protected])

4. Overview of Methodologies - comments form - Convenor - Emmanuel Darmois ([email protected])