ENA runs the National Equipment Defect Reporting System (NEDeRS®) which gives its subscribers access to an international database of some 7,000 reports from service providers and industrial users on electrical equipment defects from manufacturers worldwide. We administer the system and provide support and advice for its users.

A presentation show on the NEW NEDeRS® version 5 can be downloaded here. NEDeRS 5 went live on Monday  21st November 2016

Subscribers' log-in:

NEDeRS® is open to asset owners, network operators and maintenance and support organisations, but not directly to manufacturers.

Subscribers gain unlimited access to the NEDeRS web pages and are emailed information whenever a report is issued. Members can carry out historic searches on plant and by specific manufacturers. The system contains photographs, diagrams, associated documentation and contact numbers for the majority of the plant items registered in the application.

Many new designs have the same failure mode and manufacturers are frequently challenged on the basis of information provided by NEDeRS®. The scheme avoids delays from manufacturers in notifying users of potential problems, saving time and money.

Classes of NEDeRS reports 

  • Dangerous Incident (DIN)
    A dangerous incident is one where the incident resulted in or could have resulted in a fatality or serious injury with an item of plant.

  • Suspension of Operational Practice (SOP)
    A notification of a company-specific suspension/change in some operational practice or procedure with an item of plant, for example, circuit breakers to be operated from a remote location or access restrictions around plant items.

  • National Equipment Defect Report (NEDeR)
    A notification of a design defect or in service problems/faults with plant items.

  • Defect
    A potential DIN or NEDeR which is recorded for reference purposes. These are not circulated.

For further details, please contact Julian Pardo, [email protected].