Switchgear Assessment Panel (SAP)

The safety and reliability of electrical equipment used by the electricity industry is paramount in enabling the industry to discharge its legal and license obligations and its duties to its employees, its customers and, its shareholders. The equipment used by the industry must conform not only to relevant standards but also meet electricity industry requirements.

The ENA co-operates with manufacturers in assessing new products and, if necessary, in witnessing tests.  Products that meet the specified criteria are given an ENA Notice of Conformity Certificate through the appropriate Assessment Panel. Participation in these arrangements is voluntary and the fact that a product is not has not been assessed does not preclude its purchase by the industry.

For details of Assessed Switchgear see the Assessed Equipment List - Switchgear (ALS)  ALS 2/12 Feb 2020

Assessments are managed by the: Switchgear Assessment Panel (SAP) and undertaken by nominated groups of expert switchgear Specialists

The panels are made up of representatives from the Distribution and Transmission Network Operators.
A major criterion for acceptance of a product for assessment is the interest and support of ENA Member Companies, applicants should have the support of two members of the appropriate panel.
All products accepted for assessment must meet the requirements of the relevant ENA Technical Specifications.

The assessment process is detailed in ENA Technical Recommendation G79 part 1 and its associated level 2 documents, (Part 2a - Switchgear).These are available from the ENA Document Catalogue.

Assessment may encompass up to four areas:

  • Quality of manufacture (if appropriate)

  • Type tests to relevant standards

  • Performance or functional tests to agreed criteria

  • Site tests or trials

For further information please contact Julian Pardo, [email protected].

 Frequently asked questions

Q:  Does ENA approve any plant and equipment?
A:  No, ENA only assess plant and equipment.

Q:  How do I get my plant and equipment assessed?
A:  Engineering Recommendation G79 Part 1 outlines the assessment process and is available from our Engineering Documents web.

Q:  How do I start the assessment process?
A:  You need to obtain email of support from two ENA member companies who are technically and commercially interested in your product.

Q:  Who pays for the assessment process?
A:  Generally, the manufacturer pays any travel and subsistence, with ENA supplying the assessing engineer. Details can be found in Engineering Recommendation G79 Part 1.