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Smart meters

We are supporting the roll-out of smart meters, which help with smart grid functionality and network planning.

Smart meters are installed in customers’ homes and businesses, replacing traditional meters which have to be manually read. Smart meters provide a range of advantages. They are connected to our energy distribution networks, but it is the responsibility of energy suppliers to procure and install them. We are supporting the roll-out of smart meters in several ways:

  • handling network equipment defects that prevent the new smart meter from being installed
  • providing helpful material to energy suppliers and meter operators on the correct procedure for successful gas smart meter installation and common failure modes that cause post-install gas escapes

Network Operators use the smart metering system and data where it adds value to network customers, assists with smart grid functionality and refines network planning models. Most benefits are generated by the electricity networks in improved design and services.

Advantages to customers

  • Accurate power-off time and power restored time.
  • Automatic power outage compensation payments.
  • Faster fault restoration.
  • Improved remote supply status checks.
  • Proactive identification of supply quality issues, such as intermittent faults or voltage.

Advantages to network planning and design

  • understanding of loading on the local electricity networks serving DNO customers.
  • adapting networks to meet changing energy needs of customers (Solar PV, heat pumps, electric vehicle charging).
  • minimising costs of network upgrades.

The level of benefits depend on the reliability and effectiveness of smart meter system functionality working as originally planned.