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Whole electricity system planning

Enhanced and coordinated approaches between Transmission and Distribution for data exchange, investment planning and operational planning

ENA Whole electricity systems

Coordination across Electricity T/D (Transmission/Distribution) is a key aspect of Distribution System Operation (DSO). For the past five years, Open Networks has enhanced T/D coordination and implemented change across a range of areas. 


This includes:

  • Investment planning - Network Options Assessment (NOA), through which major National Electricity Transmission System (NETS) reinforcements projects to meet the future network requirements are identified and recommend
  • Improvements to Future Energy Scenarios (FES) which represent a range of different, credible ways to decarbonise our energy system as we strive towards the 2050 target
  • Operational planning through enhanced and more coordinated approaches for data exchange between T/D.

Products in this work area are taking learnings from the Regional Development Programmes (RDPs) and Pathfinder projects to inform the development of common approaches that can be adopted by all network companies. 

In addition, we will also undertake work to support a standard approach for DNOs to deliver the new Network Development Plan (NDP) licence obligation.  

Things we're doing this year

The project team has identified a number of key areas for development:

  • Identify further areas for improvements in DNO published DFES.   
  • Define the common high-level DNO process for delivering the NDP licence requirements.   
  • Investigate the uses and needs for DER Visibility and Monitoring   
  • Inform upcoming licence condition to improve operational data sharing with non-network market participants 

More information on these areas and their progress can be found in the Resource library.