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Whole electricity system planning

Enhanced and coordinated approaches between Transmission and Distribution for data exchange, investment planning and operational planning

ENA Whole electricity systems

Coordination across Electricity T/D (Transmission/Distribution) is a key aspect of Distribution System Operation (DSO). For the past five years, Open Networks has enhanced T/D coordination and implemented change across a range of areas. 


This includes:

  • Investment planning - Network Options Assessment (NOA), through which major National Electricity Transmission System (NETS) reinforcements projects to meet the future network requirements are identified and recommend
  • Improvements to Future Energy Scenarios (FES) which represent a range of different, credible ways to decarbonise our energy system as we strive towards the 2050 target
  • Operational planning through enhanced and more coordinated approaches for data exchange between T/D.

Products in this work area are taking learnings from the Regional Development Programmes (RDPs) and Pathfinder projects to inform the development of common approaches that can be adopted by all network companies. 

In addition, we will also undertake work to support a standard approach for DNOs to deliver the new Network Development Plan (NDP) licence obligation.  

Things we're doing this year

We are continuing to improve interactions and co-ordination between electricity transmission and distribution, taking a whole electricity system approach. The project team has identified five areas for development, all of which will continue from 2021:

  • Delivering further alignment between Future Energy Scenarios and Distribution Future Energy Scenarios
  • Reporting on the cost benefit analysis for gaining visibility of Distributed Energy Resources
  • Providing a recommendation and implementation plan for operational and forecasting data sharing between the ESO and DNOs. Sharing real-time operational data with external non network market participants
  • Reviewing and updating the Network Development Plan Form of Statement
  • Reviewing and updating the Whole Electricity System Co-ordination Register-Form of Statement


More information on these areas and their progress can be found in the Resource library.

ON20-WS1B-P3 Operational Forecasting Final Report

Report on Operational Forecasting including the assessment of further data exchange between network companies to improve the delivery of whole system operation…

Resource type: Agenda  File type: PDF   File size: 2.0 MB

ON21-WS1B-P6 Operational DER Visibility and Monitoring Requirements (13 Dec 2021)

DER Visibility and Monitoring Requirements – Use cases, Volumes, and Functional Specifications

Resource type: Report  File type: PDF   File size: 1.9 MB

ON22-WS1B-P7 Proposal for Operational Data to be shared by DNOs (23 Feb 2022)

Proposal of operational data (Capacity rating and configuration, Outage data, Constraint data, Historical utilisation rates, Operational forecasting) to…

Resource type: Report  File type: PDF   File size: 468.7 KB

ON22-WS1B-P6 CBA for Operational DER Visibility and Monitoring (16 Feb 2022)

Cost Benefit Analysis for Operational Distributed Energy Resource monitoring.

Resource type: Report  File type: PDF   File size: 1.2 MB

ON22-WS1B-P7 Existing operational and non-operational network data sets (25 Mar 2022)

Summary of output of a review of all existing data sets. This is intended to identify any gaps and any further data that could be shared.

Resource type: Report  File type: Zip file   File size: 15.9 KB

ON22-WS1B-P2 Alignment of Grid Supply Point Definition (25 Mar 2022)

Practical proposals to combine and directly compare building blocks between FES and DFES by combining them in groups of GSPs although in most cases a direct…

Resource type: Agenda  File type: PDF   File size: 183.4 KB

ON22-WS1B-P2 FES & DFES Alignment Requirements and Justification (30 May 2022)

This report explains and justifies location and voltage variations in time-series profiles of demand and generation that are modelled in DFES and FES.

Resource type: Report  File type: PDF   File size: 601.9 KB

ON22-WS1B-P2 FES and DFES Purpose of Energy Scenarios (30 May 2022)

Report explaining the purpose of the energy scenarios in DFES and FES and highlights the benefits from the alignment between DFES – FES and the further…

Resource type: Report  File type: PDF   File size: 692.4 KB