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Distribution System Operation transition

Britain’s energy networks are planning and building a future power grid that leaves nobody behind, empowering homes, businesses, and communities to make the most of their electric vehicles, batteries, and solar panels to power us well into the future.

Decision making that benefits consumers

Distribution System Operation (DSO) means that network operators managing the network at a local level with more control over local supply and demand, can help to bring more low carbon flexibility services onto the network, reduce the need for reinforcement leading to lower bills, and avoid disruption by increasing performance in local networks.

To realise this future smart grid, network companies, through the Open Networks project, launched the DSO Implementation Plan - of which more information is available on our separate DSO Roadmap page.

In preparation for DSO, we have been keeping a register of any possible conflicts of interest and unintended consequences. This register analyses the Open Networks project’s work programme and captures any risks that could arise and potentially compromise the energy system’s ability to operate at its best and most efficient. The link to the most recent version of this is below in the Latest project documents section.

Things we're doing this year

We are continuing to fulfil an overarching role to progress the development and implementation of Distribution System Operation and serve as a forum for discussion on DSO related outcomes. The project has identified two key areas for development, both of which will continue from 2021:

  • Monitoring and updating the Distribution System Operation implementation plan
  • Monitoring and updating the Conflict of Interest and Unintended Consequences register

More information on these areas and their progress can be found in the Resource library.


ON21-WS3-P1 DSO Implementation Plan Appendices - detailing DSO functions (31 Mar 2021)

Appendices detailing each of the eight Distribution System Operators (DSO) functions

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