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Distribution System Operation roadmap

Distribution System Operation (DSO) brings network decision making closer to consumers, with network operators managing the network at a local level with more control over local supply and demand. 

To realise this future smart grid, network companies, through the Open Networks project, have a DSO Implementation Plan.


This is an interactive roadmap that network companies will follow to reach DSO. Alongside the interactive roadmap we also have a full report, roadmap data and appendicies that provide a consolidation of outcomes from the project to set out a clear pathway to reach DSO.

The roadmap takes into account all the key actions and decisions needed to implement DSO and will form the basis of regulatory and business planning for the networks as they work with Ofgem ahead of the next price control period.

Above is a recording of our latest webinar which provides an overview of the latest changes to the roadmap, aswell as offering a practical run through of it.