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Customer connections

As smarter technologies become more commonplace in homes, businesses and communities, and consumers gain more control and visibility of their data, they will be able to make better-informed decisions about their energy usage.

ENA customer connections

Better visibility of data for consumers

The Embedded Capacity Registers present a uniform, standardised set of data of connected energy resources greater than 1MW. These registers will identify challenges and opportunities on the network and will provide a better understanding of how networks are used and will lead to better, more cost-effective investment, shorter and fewer interruptions, and secure the vital energy we rely on every day.

The Open Networks Project is also making it easier, quicker, and clearer to connect to the grid, including those offering flexibility services. By refreshing processes in the queue for projects to connect, Open Networks has made it easier for flexibility projects to be promoted up the queue to connect quicker if they don’t need costly reinforcement to be built or have progressed to meet specific milestones quicker than anticipated.

As our energy system goes through a net zero emissions revolution, data will form the bedrock. To make network data open for all, we have a Data Working Group and are helping Ofgem and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy deliver the recommendations of the Energy Data Taskforce.

Things we're doing this year

The Project identified five development areas, with three continuing on from 2020, to help make connecting to the grid as easy as possible for customers.

More information on these areas and their progress can be found in the Resource library.