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Gas-powered vehicles

While electricity generation is transitioning to renewable sources, gas in personal vehicles could provide an easily adoptable, sustainable solution before personal transport is electrified.

Gas could also provide the ideal solution for fleet vehicles due to the refuelling arrangements and distances that can be travelled. It is the only sustainable option for HGVs as these cannot run on electricity due to the size of battery needed.

Benefits of gas-powered vehicles include:

  • The cost of natural gas is significantly lower that oil and hence can provide a large saving to the UK economy
  • Gas in vehicles provides noise and pollution benefits compared to oil
  • The extensive UK gas grid provides easily available supply to users
  • Gas is abundant and is becoming renewable with the introduction of biomethane into the grid
  • Gas in vehicles could provide up to a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions in the transportation of goods in the UK (CNG Services)